What is Jin Shin Jyutsu? Why Experience it? Why Learn it?

Blog written by: Marilynn Carter

Simply, Jin Shin Jyutsu is a time honored multi faceted ancient healing art of life that merges energy healing, Chinese Medicine, numerology, meridian therapy, our emotions, senses, attitudes and astrology. The practice is facilitated by light touch as the hands are lightly and gently placed on specific points on the body that are located along pathways to balance vital energy in the body. It is a healing art to help you get to know and help yourself, often referred to as the Art of Happiness, Longevity, and Benevolence. This physio philosophy is used by everyone unconsciously, but once you become conscious of it, the benefits are clearly evident.

JSJ is based on ancient knowledge, used for thousands of years to heal others and ourselves. Similar to many ancient practices it was passed down from generation to generation, almost forgotten until a Japanese scholar named Juri Murai rediscovered it on his own healing journey. In time, he asked Mary Burmeister if she would like to learn and share the gift with others. She studied for 30 yrs and was known to say, “life is not a struggle, it's enjoying the Now; it's simple”.

JSJ translates as “The Art of the Creator.” It is based upon our own natural innate ability to harmonize the body using non invasive light touch. It is a highly developed energy therapy that is similar to acupuncture or acupressure but without the use of needles or pressure.

JSJ stimulates and awakens movement of our vital energy, our life force, known as “chi”, “ki,” “prana”. When energy is blocked, JSJ helps to release and open the flow so energy flows freely without restriction. When energy flows freely, we are healthy and happy.

JSJ provides a diverse comprehensive approach to health that is deeper than technique; it's purpose is to release tensions that cause various physical symptoms.

Envision being supported and filling yourself up with self love, kindness, health, happiness, and creativity!

Finding JSJ and how it changed my life:

As a firm believer in finding what is needed in the moment, I was unexpectedly led to JSJ years ago while receiving an infusion at an integrative health center to help with clearing heavy metals from my body. While there, a Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner began telling me about this modality and offered to accompany me and do JSJ for me during an upcoming dental surgery. While awake during a complex, 4 hr surgery, I remained calm and relaxed without any discomfort as the practitioner held my toes, fingers and some points below my waist. After the surgery, I noted no discomfort, didn't need any pain meds and practiced the self help exercises she instructed me to use, and a little homeopathy. I experienced no discomfort and healed quickly and completely. After that experience, I knew I wanted to learn JSJ to help myself, my family and others.

After becoming a certified practitioner, I was asked to work at an acupuncture clinic to provide JSJ on patients that wanted the benefits of acupuncture but didn't like needles. Together, the doctor and I worked as a team for the comfort of the client.

To this day I continue to spend time in the practice of Jin Shin Jyutsu; it helps me stay in balance and harmony to shift through the ups and downs of daily life.

What to expect in a Session:

Sessions are based on the client's needs at the time. A brief intake is taken so the client can express what brought them for a session. Practitioner may listen to the pulses and observe the body for additional information. The client lies comfortably, fully clothed on a massage table or one can receive sitting in a chair if more comfortable. Practitioner gently places their hands on certain energy points known as “Safety Energy Locks” (SEL's are the keys to the kingdom) in specific patterns along energy pathways known as flows which integrate & unify all disparate parts of the body. The flows help enhance circulation, movement & vitality in energy pathways. There are more than 100 different flow patterns a practitioner can use or a combination of a few based on client needs. When energy becomes constricted, blocked, stagnant or turbulent, disharmony results. JSJ assists energy circulation to flow easily and abundantly so the body, mind and spirit are fortified and nourished.

As in Chinese Medicine, JSJ supports the 12 organ flows in the body which create a unified circuit of energy that constantly runs through the entire body. Harmony or disharmony can be sensed as practitioner listens to the pulses to evaluate if an organ may need care due to blockages, disharmony or symptoms located somewhere along it's path.

JSJ focuses on releasing tensions that cause various physical symptoms. The body contains energy pathways that feed life into all cells. When one or more of these paths become blocked, it can lead to discomfort or pain. Practicing the art of JSJ opens the flow of energy, helps relax & calm the nervous system, ease discomfort, and balance emotions to help the body heal itself by supporting the energy centers and meridians to release stuck energy, bringing the body back into its normal rhythm. This modality helps promote overall well-being, eliminate stress, reduce pain, address root cause of illness, helpful pre and post surgery, reduce fatigue, ease acute & chronic conditions, expand self awareness and more. Each session is customized for the individual for what is needed in the moment. Often clients will be sent home with a simple self help exercise to do on their own to continue the work.

Experiencing JSJ:

Sessions are very relaxing and nurturing. You may experience tummy gurgles, deeper, more even breathing; twitching in fingers or toes; feel calmer or more energized depending on what the body needs; pain and underlying complaints diminishing. Also as attitudes can affect the flow of energy in the body and organs, JSJ can help to change our attitudes which can be the cause of physical symptoms. JSJ can help each of the 12 organs in the body. After your intake, practitioner can do a specific organ flow based upon your symptoms. An example, if experiencing the emotions of worry or anxiety, the organs of the stomach and spleen may become out of balance so receiving one of these flows will be helpful to calm these emotions. Another example, the Diaphragm is considered the source of life and the Umbilicus is known as the guardian of all organs and one of these flows can help support energy flowing to areas to help straighten limbs, strengthen the spine, help with headaches, neck tension, ringing in the ears, elimination, eyesight, calm the body & help resist viruses.

A Few Simple Self Help JSJ Quickies:

Skin issues & burns - palm the calves

Ear ringing – hold ring finger

Insomnia – hold web of hand between thumb & index finger

Appetite Balance – hold base of cheek bones

Backache or Sciatica – hold index finger or place hands at top of thigh at groin

Why learn JSJ:

Exploring JSJ is an opportunity to learn and help yourself. This is an inborn art anyone can learn without any prior experience. JSJ becomes your daily practice; it's like having a first aid kit in your hands. Applying the art is as simple as holding fingers; each finger helps 144,000 functions in the body. You can also hold combinations of the safety energy locks in specific energy patterns to help your project. Projects are what traditional medicine will call a diagnosis. JSJ also works with the breath, helping to relax and nurture the body and remove blockages in the energy system. Mary would say, “the breath is the basis for energy”. Focusing on our breath as you practice JSJ, set positive intention, place your hands on various energy points, and the wisdom of the body knows how to channel the energy.

In a self help class you experience and learn basic flows to support yourself. You will learn the Trinity flow, hand flow and all the 26 JSJ energy points besides the Spleen, Stomach, Bladder organ flows. These organs are known as the cleaners of the of the body and when you practice all 3 flows each day in succession, helps one to deal with all of life's stressors. Learning JSJ helps one regain balance, stay in the now and empowers you in your own healing.

Bio: When not helping and guiding others on their healing journey, I enjoy teaching Reiki, JSJ Self Help workshops and Crystal classes, spending time with my family and friends, walks at the ocean, Zumba classes, writing, reading, healthy cooking, and all the creative arts. As the universe guided me to write, I published a healthy cookbook, a book on Reiki energy healing, a book of poetry and have had essays & poems published online and in anthologies. And what's also been fun is helping authors and ourselves thru exploration and creativity. For the past 21 years it has been an honor and privilege to guide and help others on their healing and creative journey.

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